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Mooretown Rancheria

of Maidu Indians of California
Native American scholarship

Native American scholarship

Feather Falls Casino is rolling out a new beer. Some of the proceeds made from that beer will help to further the education of Native American students.
The craft beer is called "Big Sipa."
People can buy it for the first time at Feather Falls Brewing Company.
Feather Falls Casino decided to make this beer available on Friday to coincide with Native American day.
Once people buy the beer a portion of the sale will go towards funding a scholarship for Native American students in Butte County.
Some of the ingredients for this beer include 4.7 percent alcohol and a lot of hops.
"No bitterness extracted from it you only get the aromatics and the hot flavor," explained James Ponder, the man who created the new beer. "(It's) to be more palatable. It's to show that IPAS aren't a one trick pony it doesn't have to be super bitter. (It's) something you want to drink a little bit more of."
The casino hopes to roll out the beer to lots of local grocery stores in Butte County.
The scholarship will be open to all Butte County Native American students going off to college.
The tribal council for the Mooretown Rancheria of Maidu Indians will select a male and female student to receive the scholarships.
People can also try the new beer at the 2022 Oroville Salmon Festival in the downtown area.
Glass with Beer
Native American Day

Native American Day